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Action/Reaction Health Lab
Investigate functions of the nervous system with this interactive laboratory activity. Using a react..
Adaptor for Disposable Breathing Filter
Adaptor for Disposable Breathing Filter (Product Code 401-033)..
Aids Virus Model
AIDS Virus ModelEnlarged millions of times for detailed view! HIV modelshows the outer lipid layer a..
Amino Acids Set
Amino Acids SetThe kit contains worksheets and guides and is basedon the determination of amino acid..
Animal Cell Model
Students can explore animal cell structures with this 20cm diameter cell model. Also available as pa..
Bacteria slide Set of 12
Set of 12 glass microscopeslides: Mixed bacteria - bacilli, cocci and spirillumCocci, Gram positive..
Bacteria through Infusion
A totally safe means to explore the microscopic world of bacteria.Recreate the classic experiments o..
Bacterial Amylase Project Pack
Bacterial Amylase Project PackThe kit contains the enzyme, starch, iodine and all buffersnecessary t..
Bacterial Growth Kit
Bacterial Growth KitThis kit is designed for GCSE and A level. It uses a robusttechnique which does ..
Basic Botany slide set of 25
Set of 25 glass microscope with botanical specimens representing the major plant groups: Chlamydom..
Basic Enzymology Kit
Basic Enzymology SetThis kit is designed for 10 groups of students to use. It isgeared for A Level a..
Basic Histology slide set of 25
Set of 25 glass microscope slides to be used as an introduction to histology. Illustrating major tis..
Basic Plant Anatomy slide set of 20
Set of 20 glass microscope showing the major aspects of vascular plant structure: Vicia, root apex..
Brain with Arteries - 8 parts
Life-size model medially divided shows brain arteries as well as the removable basilar artery, both ..
Breathing Fitness Health Lab
Investigate the pulmonary system by measuring breath rate, breath volume, breath recovery, breath co..
Breathing Monitor
Breathing MonitorThe Breathing Monitor can be used for investigating tidalvolumes, reserve volumes a..
Carrot Cloning Kit
Carrot Cloning KitThis kit demonstrates callus tissue production from rootcells, and the regeneratio..
Catalase 50ml
Catalase 50ml Enzymes should be stored in a refrigerator at 4 ..
Cauliflower Cloning Kit
Cauliflower Cloning KitThis kit provides the media, equipment and instructionsfor propagating small ..
Cell Division slide set of 9
Set of 9 glass microscope slides illustrating chromosome division in animal and plant cells: Locust..
Circulatory System Model Activity Set
Set includes a full-colour markable model of durable vinyl and an activity guide with background inf..
Clam Model Activity Set
Clam Model Activity SetUnique model shows exaggerated perspective of a molluskgill structure as well..
Classification of Living Things Lab Investigation
Classification of Living ThingsA fun way to learn about biodiversity. Introduce your students to the..
Clever Catch - Drugs & Alcohol Vol.1
Start learning about the effects that drugs and alcohol have on our bodies, relationships and lifest..
Clever Catch - Human Anatomy
A fun and engaging way for students to learn about the Human Body- as always, the student will answe..
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